Greg O'Grady

Founder & Walk Co-ordinator


My name is Greg O’Grady and I am a graduate of the Speech Reconstruction for Stutterers program. This program has made a invaluable contribution in the quality of my life personally and professionally. As a token of my appreciation to Dr. Bob Kroll and to his staff of the Speech and Stuttering Institute, I suggested the first 2012 “a million things I need to say” 1k/5k Walk & Run for Stuttering Awareness. Since 2012, “a million things I need to say” 1k/5k Walk for Stuttering Awareness has become an annual event. We are currently planning our 2017 event, and I would like to invite you to participate in and support our 2017 “a million things I need to say” 1k/5k Walk & Run for Stuttering Awareness. Planning and organizing of such an event requires a significant commitment of time and energy. A big thank you is extended to the Planning Committee, volunteers, friends, family and colleagues that have made this commitment to ensure that the 2017 “a million things I need to say” 1k/5k Walk & Run for Stuttering Awareness is successful.


Loriellen Karam

Director of Development


Loriellen Karam is the Director of Development for The Speech and Stuttering Institute.  Loriellen has a long history in the not-for-profit industry, most recently as a Development Specialist for Major Gifts at the Baycrest Foundation and previously, as the Director of Membership for Holy Blossom.  Loriellen has a passion for being able to make a lasting and meaningful positive impact on the lives of others.  In her role at The S&SI, Loriellen’s current goal is to make major inroads to increase fundraising and effective communication to increase awareness and support for the organization’s mandate.


Michelle McCulloch

Associate Director at Sustainalytics


Michelle is an Associate Director at Sustainalytics which provides corporate investment information based on environmental, social and governance research to global clients. She is also a member of the part-time faculty at Seneca College within the Business Program, specifically Green Business Management. Michelle has participated in a variety of race distances from 10k to 12 hour races and was recently the Volunteer Coordinator for a winter trail race which raised funds for disabled athletes.


Ronan Corr

Web Developer


Ronan Corr has stutter all his life.  He has been in speech therapy for all of his youth.  Taken the Precision Fluency Shaping Program in the late 1990’s proved to be the most successful.  Afterwards, he joined a Person Who Sutter Toastmaster club to help maintain his speech.  Today he is a Web Developer who enjoys creating Web Sites and helping individuals get their idea online using WordPress.

Ronan helped put together this website for the 2017 and 2016 Stutter Walk and Run campaigns.


Lisa Wilder

Graphic Designer


Lisa Wilder is a graphic designer who lives in Toronto. She has been involved in organizations and conferences for stuttering advocacy since the 1990s when she lived in Vancouver and was a member of BCAPS (the British COlumbia Association of People who Stutter). Today she is the webmaster for the Canadian Stuttering Association.